I am Aman Dalmia, a problem solver at heart and a lifelong learner. I am very passionate about the intersection of tech and social impact. I go wherever my curiosity takes me.

Currently, I'm working at HyperVerge as a Lead ML Engineer, where I lead AI for HyperStart, an AI-based contract-lifecycle management tool for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). I also lead AI for SensAI, an AI tutor that we're building at HyperVerge Academy (the non-profit arm of HyperVerge) to help students from low-income backgrounds get decent programming jobs.

In the past, I've worked at Wadhwani AI, Avanti Fellows and WisdomCircle. At Wadhwani AI, we built AI-based solutions for pest-management in cotton farms (featured on the PyTorch blog, won the Google AI impact challenge for $2M, published in KDD), estimating the weight of newborns from a video and screening for COVID-19. In Avanti Fellows, we built open-source tools for students from low-income backgrounds to help them learn better. We built Plio, a platform to convert any youtube video into an interactive lesson by adding questions in between and gather rich learning data at the level of each student (5x higher completion rates compared to YouTube, used by 40k students during the lockdown, an incubatee of The Nudge) and a web‐based quizzing engine to mock JEE/NEET tests. Check out our open-source repositories here. At WisdomCircle, I led the development of their core platform for retirees to find meaningful opportunities post-retirement.

I graduated from IIT Guwahati in 2018 studying Electronics & Communication Engineering. Just before graduating, I started IITG.ai, an AI community within the campus which has now become the official AI club.

I love travelling through books, spanning various topics like politics, economics, neuroscience, history, fitness, programming, AI, data, climate change, psychology and a lot more. Currently, I'm reading "Behave" by Robert Sapolsky and "Let's talk money" by Monika Halan. You can find the list of books I've read and liked along with notes for some of them here.

I find a lot of solace in music and have been playing guitar for close to 8 years now, mostly within the four walls of my room. I practice fingerstyle and you can find some of my covers here.

I've also tried my hand at creating explainer videos along with my cousin for a few non-fiction books that I found valuable. It was a great learning experience and gave me confidence that I can pursue it when I'm ready to commit more time. I briefly experimented with creating a climate community focused on India but realized that community building is not meant for me.

In my previous life, I used to maintain a technical blog at Medium. Off late, I've shifted to sharing more personal stories over Substack. If some of them resonate with you or you'd like to share your thoughts with me, please send me an email. I'd love to hear from you!